Nature Reflections



I found this little rock on a tree stump and sat for a moment wondering how it landed in the spot it is now. What had placed it there and how long it had occupied this small space on earth. I started to appreciate it’s journey as similar to my own. I wondered how many storms had it weathered and instances of destruction diverted and still remained unbroken. For a moment, I felt connected and parallel with Nature and forgot about all the pain and sadness in the world. I felt independent from conceptualizing suffering as a burden, but maybe an imperative ingredient in the recipe for life. A catalyst for cooking an appreciation for joy. A speaker to amplify it louder and magnifying glass to enlarge the happiness it brings. I felt peace. Who would’ve known a little rock could prompt, so much freedom of thought. Thank you Nature.



Bees are to flowers as optimism is to people. They spread pollen from flower to flower increasing bloom. Paying no mind to the dead leaves and grass around them as they inspire life through the process of pollination.

Just as optimism spreads from person to person increasing joy. One pays no mind to negativity and criticism as they inspire others to reach their goals through the process of encouragement.

There is so much one can learn from nature as it metaphorically parallels every human interaction.



The tiny drops of rain on this flower are poetic and delicate. Reflecting the sentiments of a balanced life.

Excessive amounts of water would drown the plant while not enough can dry it up and wilt it.

But, when a balanced amount of water surrounds the plant it will bloom. This fills the air with a lovely smell. Adds a stunning appearance of vitality into the environment and reveals all life’s secrets to a balanced life.

In the beginning, the seed must sense light. Then grow through dirt to bloom. Strike balance with sun and rain. Ultimately, grow in a nurturing environment.

This process is breathtakingly beautiful and reminds me to pause. To remember I, unlike a flower, have a choice to find balance. To choose how and where to place my attention, steer my perception, and reflection.

Flowers have no choice about where they’re planted. They have no control over the amount of rain and sun they receive. They have no influence on the environment they’ve been planted in. And yet, they seize every moment to strike some form of balance, serve their environment, and bloom.

Who would’ve known such a big lesson could come from such a small living thing.



Uncharacteristic seasonal patterns can symbolize processing mixed-emotions.

Here we have blades of grass (a spring seasonal pattern) trying to grow out of snow (a winter seasonal pattern).

The grass is in between being dormant and growing, just as one can feel mixed-emotions in a context with uncharacteristic cues from the environment.