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What are people saying about The Emotional Advantage Volume One (All Ages)?

“Using this program with my elementary age children was simple and enjoyable.  The initial discussion of a designated emotion would spread into the rest of the day, making it very effective in the homeschool environment.  It was very easy to incorporate into our other studies and the subject matter’s usefulness showed itself clearly.  At the tender ages of 5 and 7, my children benefited from the few weeks we had to use The Emotional Advantage.  It gave them more words to describe their emotional experiences and contributed to conflict resolution between the two of them.  Even further, they have begun to identify a little deeper with others that they might not have otherwise.  I highly recommend this program as a powerful and effective tool for building emotional vocabulary.”

-Product review by Amy Butler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2018

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“After reviewing this manual my thoughts are that it’s simplistic in message, but deep in lesson.

Upon first impression, the work gives a relatable resource, through a variety of media, to provide a template of emotional understanding for kids to better communicate and understand not only themselves, but others as well. 

Even the art work felt so real that at one point I had to touch it to see if it actually was three dimensional. 

I believe this work to be a fantastic resource either for individuals with kids or for schools and counselors alike.”

-Andy Jamison, a Kansas State Certified Licensed School Counselor

“Cynthia Tosh’s The Emotional Advantage curriculum provides an excellent method of exploring emotions with students of all ages using a variety of learning approaches to accomplish this.  Being able to identify emotions and accepting them as not being right or wrong should help students handle bullying and other emotional situations they face.  Although the thorough introduction of the need for emotional awareness and the approach the curriculum uses slows the user down, the actual lesson plans are well thought out with a fullness that should enable the student to understand each emotion study.  The stories used to introduce each emotion and the delightful collages used for the stories allow the students to focus on the emotion being studied.  The nature photos and reflections at the end of the book also help one appreciate the importance of an awareness of nature and one’s own emotions.”

-Erin Gilchrist Showalter, a Kansas mom of two

“Cindy’s curriculum and classes have become something my kids look forward to! She takes an emotion and uses different mediums to explore and express it! Check it out!”

-Stacy Dexter, a Kansas mom of four 


What are people saying about Ben The Betta (The Emotional Advantage Series)?

“This is a very fun book that my friend wrote! It has beautiful artwork, a great story line, science, addresses environmental issues and emotions. It would make a great gift this holiday season!”

-Crystal Kroush, a Kansas mom of three

“I thought it was fantastic! I was just mesmerized by the gorgeous illustrations.

Thank you for writing Ben the Betta ; there are so many lessons to be learned from this story. It needs to be out in the world.

Last, what a great idea of giving space in the book for children to write with their own ending and create pictures.”

-Pele Sparkle, (California) 


“And Winter Came” is a book written to help those who have suffered lost in their lives to understand the grief that comes with that lost; and to in a more profound way how to deal with it.
Like many other books that deal in emotional realization that give practical means in understanding, this book actually has sections, some intentional and some not that will give insight to both professionals who will use in application, but mostly to the practical user themselves who will welcome the empathetic writing. The writer obviously has just not the educational background to give basis and meaning, but more importantly has most certainly suffered or witnessed grief in many forms (as stated).
For the adult reader, all of the book will be of interest. The first 16 pages includes an “about”, definitions, a poem by the author and a few pages written at a very high understanding level.
At page 18 the writing really takes off with the introduction of a Shakespeare/William Blake quoting robot. From that point the writing becomes so empathic and on a visceral level, that one can’t help but feel like there is a person right there with them, laying a hand on your shoulder and giving comfort. The use of a robot to provide viewpoints and introduce concepts of both self-realization and healing is brilliant. The rest of the book is pure gold and I would recommend it to anyone who has suffered by the sudden absence of a loved one. It can be read to younger individuals, perfectly acceptable and I believe would provide understanding. To adults and the more advanced in age, this book will be a window to one’s self and in my opinion, help embrace our grief, giving it a place to reside keeping it from becoming something detrimental.
Lastly it is self-illustrated with warm and inspiring paintings that accentuate the writing and are perfectly spaced throughout the book.
This book is a strong recommendation to both professionals and to people who need to understand the subject regarding their own feelings of lost and grief.”

-Steve Sutton, (United States)

“This is something very special. Cynthia Tosh has brought nature and grief together in the most beautiful way one could imagine. Spectacular illustrations and writing. This is a gem to treasure. Everyone needs this book.”

-Benjamin Rollick (United Kingdom)