Making Memories

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Spelling, Language Arts, etc. Out of all the subjects we studied this year, Nature was our favorite. We finished researching 48 different plant species and created a pillow to commemorate the process. We read near it every morning. I love creating unique learning opportunities with my family. Hoping your holiday season and new year is full of inspiration to generate new ways to exercise creativity and connect with each other and the learning process as well. 💕♥️📚

Peace, love, joy, goodwill, and empathy.

There are no gems more precious than the relationships we temper and mine within the depths of the life we live.

And there is no pain more deep than the loss felt after losing a loved one. Nature can shed some light on the complex process of grieving.

This is why the book ‘And Winter Came’ has been donated to funeral homes as a resource to help children and adults experiencing loss.

May peace, love, joy, goodwill, and empathy be a part of your holidays this season.

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The gardens of our hearts

The changing of the seasons cue the memories of those we love to grow stronger and deeper roots in the gardens of our hearts.

Hoping the peace and glory of the world’s splendor inspires your creativity today and always.

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Birds inspire us to wonder and explore. Thank you so much for your support and interest.

BIRD BOOK: An Introduction to the Study of Ornithology is here and it is a fabulous dedication to nature, creativity, and research. The mind is a muscle and when one partakes in fun and engaging activities requiring attention to detail this can strengthen cognition. Learn about 12 Different Birds and how to Independently Identify the World’s Seven Continents. There are 12 Reading Comprehension Exercises based on the content as well. Hope you and your family enjoy using this curriculum as much I did creating it. Love to know what you think.

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Available in Softcover and Digital.

Length: 63 pages


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