Q & A


Here are some of the latest questions and answers about The Emotional Advantage. I appreciate all the interest. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything and I’ll do my best to answer your query ASAP.

Q: Why integrate different learning platforms into The Emotional Advantage Curriculum?

A: To engage different learning styles.

Q: Why engage different learning styles?

A: Each learning style activates a different region of the brain. The more one uses their brain, the more one remembers what they learn.

Q: Who is The Emotional Advantage for?

A: The Emotional Advantage is for all ages. Currently, curriculums are tailored to two categories. The children, preteen, and adolescent category and the adult category.

Q: How do I know where to start?

A: The curriculum’s duration is nine months. All age groups start at month one. There are ten platforms. Everyone completes the same nine platforms.

The only platform of which differs for age groups is the RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTAL LEARNING MATERIAL BOOKS. There is a book recommendation for the Children related to the theme.

Preteens, Adolescents, and Adults are provided with evaluation questions to apply towards a novel of their choice.

Q: Does my child need to know how to read to do the curriculum?

A: No. The entire curriculum is teachable without required reading on the students part. Independent reading is welcome. The entire curriculum builds on self-exploration, self-improvement, self-expression, and self-growth. There is no standard measurement for success. Everyone is welcome to learn at their own pace and celebrate progress on their own level.

Q: Must every classroom student have a copy?

A: Every purchaser is welcome to share their copy of The Emotional Advantage with their immediate family.

Q: How many should I order for my class?

A: If you are ordering for a class, you’ll qualify for a group discount rate. Please email me at: theemotionaladvantage@gmail.com

Please provide how many students you’d like to order a copy for and include any digital receipts a student’s family has verifying a previous purchased a copy.

Q: What format of the curriculum should I use? Should I use an electronic format or softcover format?

A: I recommend instructors to use the softcover format. But, both instructors and students can use which ever format they choose.


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