Investment Thursday

59FB40F7-2D3C-4E89-A252-D1D5120E3A1FJOY is an investment emotion and it’s a two sided-coin. On one side we invest in others to create HAPPINESS in their life. This emotional investment isn’t possible without flipping the coin. Because, on the other side we invest in ourselves to produce the JOY we want to share. Sharing and investing this JOY in others isn’t possible without generating it first through ourselves. The Emotional Advantage sharpens this skill by integrating Economical Concepts to understand the bigger picture of Emotional Intelligence.

Are you investing in both sides of the two-sided coin? What can you do to invest in your own JOY to share it with others? How would you share it? Share and comment below! Feel free to tag a friend whom might be interested! Let’s share some JOY! It could be as simple as taking a fresh breath of air under a shady tree or as complex as writing a novel! The aim is to recognize the investment on both sides of the coin.

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