Did you miss The Methods and Analysis Validity for The Emotional Advantage? No worries! Here’s a recap of all the relevant posts! Check it out! Two weeks left until the First Edition Curriculum is available!

0E646DBA-B363-4114-A890-4B6F15F25CFDHow Does the Emotional Advantage Enhance and Improve Lives?

•          CREATIVITY-The Emotional Advantage encourages each student to approach tasks from different perspectives. When one has practice thinking creatively, it becomes natural in all thought processing. Thinking “outside the box” is a valuable attribute in any career.

•          CONFIDENCE-The skills one develops in The Emotional Advantage not only provides a platform for how to interpret emotions, but also instills confidence in the learner to identify, interpret, and express their own.

•          PROBLEM SOLVING-The Emotional Advantage presents many opportunities for the learner to solve problems by applying specific evaluation strategies provided inside the curriculum. This develops skills in reasoning and understanding.

•          PERSEVERANCE-Perseverance is essential to achieving success. The Emotional Advantage is a skill building curriculum based on individual learning styles at an individual pace.

•          FOCUS-Identifying roles and contexts help an individual be successful in any situation. The Emotional Advantage sharpens these skills regularly.

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