Group Demonstration

6D47000C-6142-4D43-BD79-1A1FCE5575E0It’s always a special day when a child shares their heart with you. I’m so fortunate to share mine with them regularly. Here’s a glimpse into The Emotional Advantage in action!! Today, the demonstrated themes were Tranquil and Love! We explored common ways of expressing each emotion through ten different platforms, using seven different learning styles! 

Everyone expressed Tranquil and Love in their own unique way. We shared ideas and perspectives. It was a great day! Wonderful job everyone!!

There is a weekly and bi-weekly itinerary schedule inside the curriculum. We are using the bi-weekly option. 

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace inside the Community Facebook Page “The Emotional Advantage Curriculums”. 


Instagram: #theemotionaladvantagecurriculum  

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