Special Offer!


Now Until July 6th the EBOOK format of The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (All Ages) is ONLY $20.18!

Parents, you are your child’s, preteen’s, and adolescent’s first teacher and biggest advocate. The Emotional Advantage uses different platforms engaging all seven learning styles to learn emotional regulation and intelligence. 

This provides a starting point to not only blast off into social/emotional success, but also understand how your child learns best. Once you start advocating for your child, they will learn how to advocate for their self, a vital precursor for independence. 

This is a skill of which can help them through every decision they make in life. The Emotional Advantage is here to help!

No coupon code is necessary!!!

Future feedback and reviews are always welcome and appreciated! Thank you and have a safe, happy, and healthy Independence Day! 

Visit: https://theemotionaladvantage.blog/ 

Click on the Ebook option. This is a limited time off! 

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