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Is your family ready to introduce emotional intelligence, interpretation, abstract thinking, and objectivity into every decision made in life?

Learn how to use emotions as resources! Get ready to improve every interaction and aspect of being a person! This includes making the world a more peaceful place and increasing the likelihood of reaching one’s personal goals! 

Parents, this curriculum is also a foundation to begin learning how your child, preteen, or adolescent learns best as each platform integrates a different learning style. Start advocating for them now and watch them learn how to advocate for their self into the future! 

Available in both Ebook (Printable) Format and Softcover Book!!

The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (All Ages) 

Visit: https://theemotionaladvantage.blog/ 

to learn more, view a free sample, and see purchasing options. 



The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (Adult Version)

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