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Have you ever wondered why you’re more productive when you’re in a better mood? Here’s an interesting article highlighting some research looking into a concept called “hedonic flexibility”. 

All the more reason to learn about how emotions become expressed and valued in the grand scheme of things!

Here’s an interesting article highlighting some components of Emotional Intelligence and why its valuable inside the workplace!

Acute Awareness

Impact Interpretation

Mental Health Management 

Cultivated Communication

Helpful Humor

Here’s a great article showcasing ways Emotional Intelligence is a continual adaptation to context and relationship!

Here’s a very fascinating article about time! How we measure time and continue being measured by it. Symbols of time and how we perceive them. One’s relationship with time is a relevant factor to interpreting and regulating emotions!

Emotional Intelligence is a gateway to better learning, friendships, academic success, and employment!

In short, every emotion word you learn is a new tool for future Emotional Intelligence! 

This article helps explain the Running Kruger effect, benefit in meta cognitive strategies, and how reading develops empathy!

Today is the first day of summer! Parents, are you looking for an easy and consistent way to promote balance and calm in your child’s life? The Emotional Advantage can help! 

Start building “social-emotional skills like motivation, perseverance, impulse control, coping mechanisms and the ability to delay gratification” NOW before school starts up again! 

“Emotional literacy, empathy, intrinsic motivation and how we navigate emotions” helps INCREASE future success!

Unfortunately, Emotional Intelligence is in decline worldwide! Take action NOW!

Emotional Intelligence promotes identifying, interpreting, and internalizing what one feels through a solution based process. 

This article highlights many of these things and the IMPORTANCE of Emotional Intelligence in personal relationships, educational environments, and future careers! 

“By focusing a little time on social-emotional learning, we actually can go further in academics” AND IN LIFE! 

Check it out! 

Here’s an article highlighting the value of reading and development of emotional intelligence as well as other attributes.

Here’s a helpful article to understand how social/emotional intelligence can interrelate to the following skills in an educational setting! 

21st Century Skills 




Growth Mindset


Non-Cognitive Traits and Habits

Soft Skills

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