Group Demonstration


A child’s mind is a landscape ripe with creativity and brilliance!! I feel so fortunate these children share their time with me!! I learn so much from them!!

Today’s demonstrations were Distraction and Objection. Both can derive from multiple emotions and circumstances serving a variety of functions. 

Some examples from today include:

Distraction: Listening to an audio book while washing the dishes (Positive Context with Positive Target Outcome)(When applied in moderation, Distraction is a useful tool)(Function: Completing a Task) 

Objection: No sitting on a moving car to keep safe. (Negative Context with Positive Target Outcome)(Function: Survival) 

We built on concepts previously learned and applied contextual and motivational elements to our interpretations. We introduced flow charts and how to apply context to organize one’s motivation behind a thought process and target outcome. 

Everyone expressed Distraction and Objection in their own unique and constructive way. We shared ideas and perspectives within the scope and trajectory of the curriculum and built meaningful relationships! Can’t wait until next time! 

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace!!

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