Group Demonstration


Empathy is seeing from another’s perspective. It helps us connect with each other and remains a valuable resource for creating peaceful and productive environments. Understanding how someone else feels helps us realize the context of which they are seeing from and this sheds light on their goals and target outcome. This makes interacting and working together easier and a more peaceful process. 

What a fun day learning and playing together!!

Today’s demonstrations were Anguish and Sadness. Identifying and processing these emotions is almost always necessary to feel relief from their intensity. Both can derive from multiple contexts with differing functions.

Some examples from today include:

Anguish: A pet passing away, but remembering all the wonderful things about them. (Negative Context with Positive Target Outcome)(Function: Build Coping Skills and Focus on Positive) 

Sadness: Losing a balloon on a windy day, but remembering it probably won’t be the last balloon we’ll ever have. (Negative Context with Positive Target Outcome)(Function: Learn to Process Disappointment and Build Resilience) 

We built on concepts previously learned and applied elements of empathy to our interpretations. We introduced a context and time metric graph measuring levels of happiness and sadness for two characters in the same situations. We learned what empathy means and how to apply context to organize one’s motivation behind a thought process and target outcome. 

Everyone expressed Anguish and Sadness in their own unique and constructive way!

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace!! 

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