Group Demonstration


Who would have thought value could derive from not knowing what you’re feeling? Well, it can and it’s embedded in trying on different emotions and refining one’s decision-making process!!!

For example, Faye wanted to play outside, but it just started raining. She feels like she should have went outside earlier when she had opportunity… But, she has her book next to her and enjoys reading during storms. Faye is feeling two emotions at the same time and or not knowing what to feel. 

Faye is feeling Wistful. She feels a little sad she didn’t go outside, but then decides to try on the idea of feeling complacent with the current situation. This leads to feeling peaceful with the next idea of reading during a storm and ultimately feeling tranquil engaged in the activity. 

Trying on different emotions is a valuable resource, because it helps one decide which level of interpretational outcome they feel satisfied with. This builds self-trust and confidence in the decision-making process. This is a vital attribute in all human interaction and career development. 

How exciting to share self-generated ideas and journal entries made within the scope and trajectory of the curriculum!!

Today’s demonstrations were Wistful and Regret. Identifying and processing these emotions is a starting point for learning and solving problems. Both can derive from multiple contexts with differing functions.

We built on concepts previously learned and applied elements of emotional processing levels to our interpretations.

Everyone expressed Wistful and Regret in their own unique and constructive way!

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace!! 

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