Group Demonstration (BIG MILESTONE!!!)


BIG MILESTONE TODAY!!! Eighteen weeks can fly by when you’re having fun!! Thrilled to announce today marks the halfway point through the curriculum demonstrations of The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (All Ages)!!!

Thank you to everyone for making this curriculum such a success!!! Your dedication, feedback, and support have played an instrumental part in bringing this curriculum to a worldwide platform to promote peace, productivity, and happiness. Your emails and pictures about how the curriculum has enhanced your family’s life have been the highlight of my year!!! Absolutely love hearing from you all!!!

Today’s demonstrations were Hate and Disgust. It’s important to know how to name every emotion and equally essential to have a bank of interpretational keys to unlock meaning within interactions and observations.

Time heals. The only antidote to Hate is patience and compassion. Did you know Hatred is a distraction and temporary reprieve from one’s own inner suffering?

Time is life’s lowest common denominator. Conceptualized as the great equalizer as we all receive the same amount of minutes in a day. Values and Priorities are the map to discovering the corner of where Productivity meets Outcome. How can a flower bloom if it doesn’t know where it’s roots are? Emotional Intelligence can help lead the way! More information available inside the curriculum.

We did it!! And, we’re just getting started as Emotional Intelligence is a life long adventure. I’m honored being a part of your journey!! Thank you!!!

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace!!

Copyright © 2018 The Emotional Advantage by Cynthia Tosh. All rights reserved.

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