(P.S. there will be another one soon)

FREE DIGITAL BOOK OFFER! What if we could see things from a Coral Reef’s Perspective? Well, now we can. I’ve written and illustrated an interactive children’s book to help the global initiative to save Coral Reefs. Let’s inspire the next generation to problem solve through being entertained, educated, and engaged. Learning is fun!

If you care about Planet Earth and would like to take part in this promotion of conservation efforts here is your chance! I’m looking for several people to take part in the online book launch of Ben The Betta! You will receive a digital copy of the book before it’s officially released Nov. 9, 2018 and it’s not only entertaining and educational, it’s a platform to brainstorm with your child(ren) how we can save Coral Reefs. Have your art supplies ready because the end of the book is a self-generating idea exercise! Your child’s artwork will showcase on The Emotional Advantage’s on-line business pages including Facebook (now over 3,800 followers) AND you can keep the free digital copy of the book Ben The Betta! Everything is free and fun! All I ask in return is a review on Amazon for Ben The Betta. There’s limited space, so please let me know on here or private message me for invitation details. Let’s all look back on today and know we did something to promote conservation! 

Thank you for your time.

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