Group Demonstration


There is value in knowing when to not care as Emotional Energy becomes conserved for individualistic values and motivations turn clearer and refined. 

Today’s demonstrated themes were Apathy and Disdain! 

Emotions are like chemicals. When applied to context a reaction results prompting an outcome. Metaphorically, Apathy is a neutralizing compound as one chooses to not care either way. 

Furthering the chemical reaction analogy, did you know two emotions can combine to produce a different emotion?  

Heres an example. Sarah is historically punctual and all of a sudden late for a lecture (context). The lecturer can choose to feel Disdain and ignore her inquiries when answering questions OR the lecturer can choose to feel Empathy and take in consideration (context) how she’s never been late before and something may have happened like a family illness or car accident, hence neutralizing his feeling of Disdain into Apathy. 

Formula: Disdain+Empathy=Apathy 

Learn more inside The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (All Ages) Curriculum! 

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace!!

Thank you for your support!🦋

Copyright © 2018 The Emotional Advantage by Cynthia Tosh. All rights reserved. 

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