Reflection and Awareness


Simplicity is beautiful…

Have you ever taken the time to not only enjoy doing something, but also name the reasons and motives behind doing it? I love visiting our local zoo and finally figured out why. 

It’s an excursion one can only plan a part of as the experience there depends 90% on what kind of day the animals are having. Going to the zoo is an opportunity to let go of control to allow nature to take it’s course. A balance between organizing a purposeful day and spontaneity of human/animal interaction and observation. 

Having this epiphany helped me realize how important it is to listen not only to what others say, but also one’s own internal voice. 

Have you ever taken time to listen to your own voice? I hope you realize a peaceful recognition in sync with your intentions and actions just as I did. 

Thank you for reading.🦋

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