Group Demonstration

Today’s demonstrated themes were Aggravation and Hostile! We explored common ways of encountering these emotions and brainstormed ideas of how to manage their intensity.

Identifying emotions decreases the power they have over determining an outcome.

Feeling Aggravation about a situation is an assessment opportunity (Aggravation function: Measuring Potential Impact). How much control do you have over the situation? Is it weather related? Can you directly influence the outcome? How?

Emotions are resources for us to understand the bigger picture and recognize context. It’s alright to feel any emotion, but how one responds should become deliberated with caution as words can become powerful catalyst with the potential to escalate a situation or diffuse it. This is important to remember with intense emotions such as Hostility.

The multiple platform delivery, engagement of different learning styles, and generating individualistic ways to relate the content to one’s life promotes abstract thinking and objectivity.

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Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress at your own pace!

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