Group Demonstration

1337FA4E-9E8D-43BB-A1B8-BB8633CC031BExperiencing mixed emotions not only shows a potential for developing a high Emotional Intelligence, but also presents an opportunity to contemplate the objectivity type of abstract thinking not influenced by feelings, but rather determined by context to consider facts before experiencing emotion. 

A common misconception about context and emotion is an immediate realization. Most situations require time to fully process a theoretical system of ideas to explain something and the justification for taking action or inaction before assigning an emotion to context. Neuroscience suggests developing Emotional Granularity as an effective strategy to aid in this process. This effort is the foundational goal for every creation offered by The Emotional Advantage. 

Today’s demonstrated themes were Surprise and Sadness. Today we discussed mixed emotions, the concept of self-evaluation, reflection of time, abstract thinking, and objectivity. 

The tools we used can only be found inside The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (All Ages).

Creative job everyone! You’re inspirational! Thank you for your support and participation! 

Copyright © 2018 The Emotional Advantage by Cynthia Tosh. All rights reserved. 

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