Group Demonstration

D9C4468C-A4C9-471C-9956-34BF3EB05FCB“The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are.”

-John Burroughs- 

A year ago I was imagining how to combine Nature, Artistic Expression, Emotional Intelligence, and Research when I realized I have a camera, a paint brush, and a little know how. Today was a small byproduct of that realization, but a large part attributes from a bigger entity. You. Before summarizing today’s final group demonstration of The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (All Ages), I’d like to express how grateful I am to every person, group, and organization for participating in this process over the past year. Your feedback has played an invaluable part in measuring the curriculum’s validity and effectiveness of scope and trajectory. I feel very blessed. 

Today’s demonstrated themes were Proud and Hopeful. 

Proud is a moral emotion with significant economic power on future motivations and goals. Metaphorically, inside everyone there lies a moral barometer. If we feel Proud of something we’ve done, the likelihood of us doing it again increases. 

Hope is a strengthening emotion. But, that of which becomes stronger is a complex process. Yes, we Hope and aspire towards attaining a goal-oriented outcome. Sometimes we can celebrate reaching it, but sometimes we won’t always have that opportunity. Should we allow failing to deflate our Hope in the future? Absolutely not. We should allow failure to help us learn from our mistakes and direct our attention towards a different pathway of potential success, reapplying the same level of Hope. In result, one’s self-confidence in their decision-making process strengthens. 

This illustrates why knowing what emotion and how intense you’re feeling it, is a vital part to developing Emotional Intelligence and reaching personal goals. Life is full of many opportunities to apply emotions as resources to understanding the bigger picture. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Appreciate the ongoing support and interest. 

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