•••Only 12 Days Left•••

•••Only 12 days left•••

Did you know coral reefs are dying at a rapid rate and half of the Great Barrier Reef is already dead? Over the last decade one-third of bees have died and 25% endangered. These are the topics that inspired me to write Ben The Betta. In addition to my Free eBook promotion for a $1 pledge on Kickstarter, I’m going to start offering the opportunity to have your name published inside a special thanks section inside the book Ben The Betta. $1=free eBook and 1 name published. 

If you want to add your child’s name, it’s $1 per name. I wanted to give you an exclusive opportunity to play a hand in history. My books register under an International Standard Book Number(ISBN) and carried by Amazon, The United States Library of Congress, BookPatch, and E-Junkie. 

Below are some of the publicly shared illustrations inside the book. Let’s help bring environmental awareness to the world and instill a love for nature. Link on homepage. It’s the “Where The Heart Is” reward. Good luck! Thanks! 

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