Group Demonstration

“For this feeling of wonder shows that you are a philosopher, since wonder is the only beginning of philosophy.”


Are you ready to raise your aptitude for Emotional Intelligence and Regulation while studying concepts in Earth Science and Zoology?

The Emotional Advantage can help EVERYONE on EVERY learning level! The best thing about this curriculum is it’s adaptive. What does adaptive mean? There is just enough information to understand each theme and concept, but to fully process the entire lesson, one must apply their own perspective into the exercises. Therefore every insightful and solution focused result is unique and customized to help that particular learner.

Today’s demonstrated themes were Solemn and Threatened. We compared how Solemn differs from sadness. We explored how Threatened is present in the contexts of endangered animal species and bullying. We brainstormed ways to prevent Threatening situations and devised solutions to promote peaceful outcomes. We discussed stories based on two endangered animal species (Golden Lion Tamarin and Mexican Wolf), created self-generated perspectives inside the exercises, and explored optional supplemental learning materials to build on the themes.

Thank you for participating in the bi-weekly pre-release of The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume Two (All Ages)! Learn more inside!

Visit @theemotionaladvantage to view full examples of artwork and creative process for illustrations and research initiative.

Copyright © 2019 The Emotional Advantage by Cynthia Tosh. All rights reserved.

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