60D01106-8B74-46B9-BEC6-E913329C0444The cup of life fills and empties over one’s lifespan. How one measures it’s contents determines whether they move forward, stagger, or regress.

Scenario 1: Being THANKFUL can help one see the cup as half full, there is a sense of GRATITUDE and HOPE, making it easier to visualize filling the cup full again. Moving forward makes sense.

Scenario 2: When seeing the cup as half empty, there is a sense of LOSS and DESPAIR, making it challenging to imagine a means to fill it up again. Stagnation and regression can occur.

This is an example of one context and how one’s emotions shape a circumstantial future outlook through a window of perspective.
Can you see the difference? Same context, different emotions, different outlooks. Our emotions are the foundational tools for building our outlook on the future. The wonderful news is we can decide what emotions we choose to feel to create a blueprint before building. The Emotional Advantage sharpens this decision-making skill.

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