Did you miss The Validity for Recommended Supplemental Learning Material in The Emotional Advantage? No worries! Here’s a recap of all the relevant posts! Check it out! Two days left until the First Edition Curriculum is available!

F258951B-BBDE-4733-876D-0BB0284AC011Each week’s theme provides four supplemental learning material recommendations. 


This adds four different platforms of information processing to understand literary, artistic, cultural, and musical expressions of one emotion.


Books create warm emotional bonds and improve language and vocabulary skills. Books help one develop critical thinking skills and nourish imaginations. Books stimulate sensory awareness and help one prepare for new situations and learn more about their self.


Art appreciation opens a new world of artistic and cultural expression. Art helps one think about and express ideas. Art helps introduce critical thinking skills as different mediums are explored. One learns how to observe and translate their thoughts into language. Art builds vocabulary and fluency. Art helps one understand multiple perspectives, contexts, and observations.


Poetry expands cultural awareness and the introduction of new contexts expands one’s universal understanding. Poetry helps boost reading skills by recognizing the same sound in different words. It also can improve spelling. Poetry helps develop vocabulary as words not usually spoken become introduced. Poetry introduces literary concepts such as alliteration, metaphors, and similes. This improves language knowledge, a valuable attribute for interpreting dialogue. 


Music appreciation strengthens learning and memory, raises verbal intelligence, and increases spatial temporal skills. Spatial intelligence helps one visualize how various elements go together. Songs introduce different genres and contexts of musical themes and increase self understanding and cultural awareness.

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