Sneak Peak!! One Day Left Until The Emotional Advantage First Edition Volume One is Released!!!!

FD1C3E9E-16AA-4966-B276-2419058819DFDuration of time one devotes to reaching any goal dictates the lifespan of their determination for achieving it. This is not possible without both the value appraisal and interpretation of the past, present, and future. 

All of these things have a precursor to their entity. These precursors embedded within context and emotional interpretation. Investing in this curriculum offers the first of it’s kind comprehensive and adaptive scope and trajectory of which generates an individualistic and customized learning pace and level of progression applicable to one’s life. 

My goal was to create a document capable of providing a platform of general enlightenment paired with evaluation methods, analysis, and recommended supplemental material to use as a compass to navigate and interpret your and others motivations for what is felt, done, and remembered as. 

Take a Sneak Peak Inside The Emotional Advantage First Edition Volume One!!! ONE DAY LEFT UNTIL IT’S RELEASE!!!

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