Publication Release!!!

808677BF-ADB9-4F4A-9FDB-7BDDD056B43AReaching one’s goals combines engaging a creative process and keeping initial motivations for taking action in tact. 

The only thing that stands between you and accomplishing your goals is you. 

Never let the effort required for achieving a goal deter you from going for it. Focus on the outcome, not the blood, sweat, and tears. Never let criticisms, ridicule, or discounting blur your focus. One can either allow these things to define what they’re capable of and marinate in self defeat or use these things to sharpen their focus on achieving what they visualize. 

Success exists only for those whom reach out and take it. Never stop starting and always win or learn and you can do anything. You choose how to process any and every emotion and you have the power and control to decide how and even if to respond. As a reference guide, The Emotional Advantage First Edition Volume One (All Ages Version/Target Populations-Early Childhood, Preteens, and Adolescents) is now available in two formats (Softcover and Ebook). The Softcover published with an International Standard Book Number and assigned a Control Number to shelve inside the United States Library of Congress, US Programs, Law, and Literature (The Largest Library in the World). The Ebook published with an International Standard Book Number. 

Both format options found at: 

Any questions, comments, or feedback? I’ll do my very best to respond within 48 hours. 

From the bottom of my heart-Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. This publication is now complete, and is only the beginning of a journey just begun.  

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