Group Demonstration

51AA84EF-DC37-4E33-8878-AF283F0E54EAThe first group demonstration was a success!!! Geared towards early childhood, we shared self-reflections and creativity! Our themes today were Rapture and Joy! We explored common ways of expressing each emotion through ten different platforms, using seven different learning styles! 

Two of the platforms used journals and music! Everyone expressed Rapture and Joy through their own unique self-expression generating a profound synergy! You can find the other eight platforms inside The Emotional Advantage First Edition Volume One! 

Tips for Parents and Instructors:

Participate in the exercises and the students will be more apt to follow suit. 

Joy makes me think of old sneakers. When I see old sneakers I see the result of a life well lived and environments well explored. It brings me JOY to contemplate the mystery behind old sneakers. 

RAPTURE makes me think of rain storms, because they’re unexpected and usually help replenish environmental natural resources. 

I shared my reflections and illustrations during the self-expression platforms and it helped inspire everyone to generate their own memory of what makes them feel the emotion we were discussing. And, this brings me to a good point. Many adults have asked me if the all ages version is for them. As an adult, I become inspired by children’s books all the time. It’s healthy and beneficial to reference the fundamentals for any subject including emotions. So, if you’d like a refresher before the adult version releases, use the all ages version first. The methods and analysis are a great precursor to using the more advanced adult version. 

The parents danced and the children enjoyed moving to the theme based music as well! Great job everyone!

Please feel free to follow along at home and share your own progress inside the Community Facebook Page “The Emotional Advantage Curriculum” and or hashtag on Instagram: #theemotionaladvantagecurriculum

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