9ADF533D-39A8-4D57-AB71-E78CAC2D0590Sometimes, people will say things of which can’t be interpreted through the face value of the words spoken, but rather the meaning behind them. 

For instance, I attend events alone sometimes as I enjoy the company of myself and like to integrate a good book into the memory of my experience. 

A friend noticed me once, and in a deprecating tone exclaimed, “Oh no! No one is here with you! You’re here alone! I would have went with you if you asked!” To be polite I smiled and said, “thank you”. But, in my mind, I made a mental note of the true meaning of the comment. This person is uncomfortable being alone. 

Solitude is very beneficial to learning how to communicate with yourself and figure out who you really are. Some are afraid of this and therefore, avoid being alone. Most assume relationships are only externally defined, but we each have an internal relationship to keep up with ourselves as well. The Emotional Advantage can help one learn how to adopt this perspective and understand their self and others better. 

Of course, everything is good in moderation and sharing time with friends is awesome!! But, spending time with yourself and being independent is very beneficial for reflection, creativity, and focus too! 

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