3E50C88B-5B96-4FAB-82F9-155552A331C3Everyone deserves to hold a little piece of sky in their hand and remember you can’t see the stars until it’s dark! 

Title: A Piece of Sky

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Size: 3in x 3in 

FLASH SALE!!! Hi Everyone!!! The first installment of Tiny Reminder Large Difference Art Series was so SUCCESSFUL, I’ve decided to release the next one early! 

You’ll receive an acrylic hand painted 3inx3in wrapped canvas of this theme! ONLY 20 AVAILABLE! All similar in appearance but, none are the same providing a one of a kind piece! I sign all of my artwork on the backside! Every piece filled with LOVE!! Let every time you or someone else views the painting be a reminder THAT YOU DESERVE TO HOLD A LITTLE PIECE OF SKY IN YOUR HAND, AND YOU CAN’T SEE THE STARS UNTIL IT’S DARK!!! 

This is the second installment piece to a multiple Tiny Reminder Large Difference Art Series exclusively offered by The Emotional Advantage! COLLECT THEM ALL!!!

This is only for a LIMITED TIME and after I receive 20 orders the PROMOTION is complete!

So, bring a tiny bit of HAPPINESS AND HOPE into your or someone else’s life with the Tiny Reminder Large Difference Art Series and order yours today while supplies last!!! Only one order per person! Enjoy! 

Cost: $55.00 + Tax

U.S. Residents Free Shipping 

All Other Regions Subject To Shipping Fee

Please Email:


Shipping Address 

Order Request to:


You will receive a PayPal link to Complete your order. 


Copyright © 2018 Cynthia Tosh. All rights reserved. 

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