The Value of Memory

23B4E299-9584-499D-BDD7-1BFE83079A45Memory is valuable. Remembering to remember is a two-fold investment in both the present, and future. Being present is a prerequisite for making memories. When we make memories we build a schema inside our mind to store information and make connections about how it all relates. Using one’s imagination to apply towards deep engagement adds to one’s capacity for innovation, because the more original memories you have the more connections you can make between them to spark new ideas. I believe one of the best ways to practice being present is through nature. There is so much to see and study. Just behold the vein patterns and color pigments on this leaf. It’s a canvas for nature’s abstract art! One can’t help but appreciate how beautiful and amazing life is! There’s so much to experience and be thankful for!!

The Emotional Advantage can help one learn how they feel when applying their attention to anything. Therefore, refining purpose and target outcomes. 

General questions to ask yourself are: What are you applying your attention to? Is there return in your investment? Think about it. 

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