Book Commemorating!

9D5076E1-D3BF-42AA-85B6-58C8B07263C4Hi Everyone! I enjoy making custom art and I LOVE BOOKS! 

Recently, I’ve received a large response from some personal art I created just for fun, so I’ve decided to offer a special version to order. 

As a reader, books mean so much to me. They’ve been there for me through all kinds of moments in my life. This is a stack of books stating places I’ve enjoyed visiting, things I remember, and things I’ve learned. The top book symbolizes my favorite thing, which is nature. 

Do you enjoy reading? Do you have books of which mean something special to you? 

Send me a list of 13 reminders you’d like to reminisce about to commemorate the books you’ve read. A place or 1-4 words describing what you remember about each book. Don’t forget to suggest something of which symbolizes who you are. Nature symbolizes who I am, so I painted me a tree and flowers. 

You can turn your stack of books into a book tote to carry around just for you!! Both a conversation starter and personalized functional tote!! I’d love to commemorate those special books in your life and make this for you!!

Option 1: $25 for the copyrights of one high-resolution image of the original artwork. At your own will and discretion, you can upload this to any personalized product producer to create any item of your choice inside your personally chosen cost range (tote, pillow, cup, blanket…etc.). 

Option 2: $65 for the above PLUS

A signed copy of the original artwork. 

Size: 8in x 10in 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Option 3: $99 for for the above PLUS

I will place an order for you to receive an 18 x 18 tote bag with adjustable strap. 

Free Shipping and Handling for U.S. Residents 

All Other Regions Subject To Shipment Fees

Please send all orders and inquiries to 

You will receive a PayPal link to complete your order. 

Current Processing Time: 3 Weeks 

Please Feel Free to Share this Special Opportunity!! Exclusively offered by The Emotional Advantage for a Limited Time!

Thanks and Happy Reading!!!📚

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